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Presenting state-of-the-art analytics for rental portfolios designed for enterprise rental managers. Integrate with the existing stack and experience the power of your data.

Make bigger, better decisions.

Know every KPI that matters. Answer all questions.

What is our cost of tenant acquisition across various marketing channels?

Know the ROI of every dollar spent on marketing. Analyze performance across geographies or seasons. Intelligently select the channels that work the best—all based on real data.

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Which buildings require preventative maintenance?

Know your turnover expenses, repeated maintenance tickets draining tons of resources and reduce costs through intelligently suggested preventative maintenance.

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Where should we improve the rents?

Analyze market trends and price your rentals correctly based on 30+ data points that make your portfolio serve the market perfectly.

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Which leasing and management teams are performing the best?

Get geographical and team-based insights, recognize teams and share best practices by knowing the who, what and why of every asset managed in your portfolio

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Get Insights

Get the data intelligence you need

Set up reports, define KPIs and track what matters the most to find the insights, trends, and critical business intelligence you need.

Discover relevant reports

Whatever questions you have, we have got a report to answer them.

Define KPI based triggers

Set up automated triggers for any KPIs that matter the most.

Automate reporting

Get reports for important matrices auto-delivered to your inbox whenever you need it.
Convert Better

Know your lead to lease funnels like never before

Lost reasons, prospect stage-wise conversions, seasonality across geographies, trends, building wise or team-level performance and much more.

Integrate with your current systems. Get started with ZERO downtime.

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